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China stone market gradually pick up Towards a new tomorrow
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In recent years, China's stone industry speed the development of astonishment, though a late start, but after the reform and opening up after nearly 30 years of development history, the stone industry has gradually become the pillar industry of China's building materials products Industry. Up to now, the four focus area has gradually clear stone, they are: Laizhou Shandong, Fujian Nanan, Yunfu, Guangdong and Sichuan Yaan, in addition to the four focus origin, the Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, River South, Zhejiang, Hubei, Xinjiang and other places also have the emergence of a new group of stone processing base. China ranks first in the world reserves of stone, but stone extraction of raw materials consumption is first in the world stone are a class of non-renewable resources, unlimited mining waste, and we are currently advocated by Green is undoubtedly contrary to low-carbon. At present, although plastic, ceramics and other building materials have been widely used, and decorative building materials firm to seize a part of the market, but the stone because of its unique natural advantages, is still building equipment Material of choice for decorative projects. Especially with the construction, decoration industry booming in China, has undoubtedly become the outdoor stone landscape design and interior decoration, the best choice. It needs all kinds of stone of different specifications Increasing the amount of the same time, the stone industry should implement the scientific management, play their own advantages of industrial clusters and improve the industry and market positioning. China stone market becoming "warmer" welcome the new day The development of domestic stone industry long way to go, the core of its processing and manufacturing machinery are closely related. China is the world's largest producer of stone, stone production covers almost half of world output, but In such a proud and proud of the bright exterior, stone machinery industry is not optimistic. Today, enterprise-scale mixed domestic stone, stone machinery industry, resulting in domestic competition between the disorder and eventually Leading to a vicious cycle situation. So, what you really need to take some kind of strategy to improve this phenomenon? Stone Machinery Enterprises In addition to clear their own responsibility and pressure, but also to "green", "high-quality "" Efficient "and" energy "as the ultimate development goals, through scientific innovation and the introduction of new technology to improve product volume ratio, and ultimately the level of the industry across the board. According to the relevant data show that the existing thirty thousand stone factory in China, competition among peers is extremely serious and intense. With the increase of the national economy and the gradual improvement of living standards, people living and working space The requirements are also rising. Today, there is a growing emphasis on man and nature, the harmonious development of man and the environment, for the stone industry, product quality and environmental aspects of the merits of the impact of its development is directly related to Trend, coupled with domestic stone industry in the capital, technology, manpower, resources and so the degree of concentration is not high enough, which requires the stone industry is not confined to the traditional mode of production and sales, but also need to develop innovative At the same time, improve their brand price appreciation.