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China the development trend of stone mining machinery
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The technological level of mining machinery and equipment capacity, is a measure of a country's important indicator of industrial strength. Mining machinery mainly for energy, transportation and raw material base of industrial departments, the main task is to coal, steel, Non-ferrous metals, chemicals, building materials and the nuclear industry and other sectors of mining and processing of raw materials, as well as railways, highways, utilities and other large construction projects to provide advanced, efficient technology and equipment. Mining machinery is machinery Industry in a wide variety of complex equipment, high demand, the use of a wide range of machinery industry. Mining machinery according to their use can be divided into mining equipment, lifting equipment, narrow rail transportation equipment, crushing grinding equipment, mining Sizing equipment, baking equipment, washing equipment, and 7 categories, 30 subcategories, more than 700 varieties and thousands of specifications. Mining machinery in the economic construction, scientific and technological progress and social development in a very important position and role of the pillar industries belonging to the national economy. Mining machinery manufacturing industry is the establishment of an independent state based industrial system, Measure of a country is an important symbol of industrial strength. According to key support for energy, transportation and raw materials and other basic industrial development, industrial policy, mining machinery, as the backbone of these basic industries should be given priority country The focus of support to further develop and improve, as the coal, metal and nonmetal mines the development of more advanced international standards of quality, efficient equipment to meet national economic development for energy and raw materials Needs. 30 years of reform and opening up, China mining machinery industry experienced the introduction of digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology to design harmony manufacturing, self-designed path of development, particularly in the implementation of the "speeding up the revitalization of the State Council on Several Opinions of the equipment manufacturing industry, "driven by the mining machinery industry basically two major changes, first, product development, independent innovation by the generic type to type; Second, the economic benefits from extensive to run the transformation. 2000 Since, in the domestic basic industries and infrastructure development, driven by large, mining machinery market demand, industrial output value and sales growth rate stabilized at 32% to 40%. Market demand in the lead mining machinery manufacturing Economic growth while the manufacturing sector, but also for the entire industry, technological advances, the emergence of a group of independent intellectual property rights of major new products, such as the North Heavy Industries developed ∮ 11m and 9.8km of cement balance shield large, flat turns Conveyor, CITIC Heavy Industries developed a 8.8 × 4.8 semi-autogenous mill and 6.2 × 9.5m overflow ball mill, and winning the 2008 Australian iron ore group 6 12 SINO the world's largest semi-autogenous mill 12.2 × 10.9m and 7.9 × 13.6 OVERFLOW BALL, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group developed a 35m3 and 55m3 large mining excavators and 1800kW ~ 2040kW power thick layer of coal miner, Shanghai developed a 6m road and bridge construction electric hydraulic control and so on. The success of these major new product development, to make a positive contribution to the national economy, while narrowing the gap with advanced countries, enhance the ability to participate in international competition, China mining machinery industry in the international mining projects Construction is playing an increasing role. The development of a mining machinery and technological progress of mankind, modern science and technology and is closely related to the overall industrial level, particularly in mining and mechanical engineering disciplines of science and development are closely linked. Forefront of modern science and technology has clearly Significant time-domain, field and dynamic characteristics. Information science, materials science, life science, nano science, management science and manufacturing science is to change the mainstream of 21st century science, and the resulting high-tech industry will change The world. Integration between different scientific cross will produce new scientific focus, the economic development and social progress of mining machinery to generate new demands and expectations. Mechanical Engineering, the general trend of scientific development will be digital, intelligent, precision, miniaturization, life, and Ecology. Mining machinery, as a branch of mechanical engineering disciplines, but also follow this general trend. At the same time, combining the characteristics of mining industry and its development trend is digital, intelligent, ecological and amenity of. Mining machinery manufacturing industry should continue to integrate into the human's outstanding achievements in various fields, a major need for national economic development Requirements, the guidance of scientific concept of development, achieve sustainable development. The development of mining machinery moving service mechanism 1 competition in the market-driven The overall level of mining machinery and the international advanced level there are still gaps. Mining machinery manufacturing power towards the journey, the opportunities and challenges. Product design is the soul of the manufacturing industry, product structure, function Energy, quality, cost, delivery time and manufacturability, maintainability, scrap processing and post-human, machine and environment relationship, in principle, are determined in the product design stage. Design capacity of product innovation has become the decision Enterprises in global competition, the status of the primary factors. Mining Machinery is a high technology content and integration of equipment, development of new equipment constantly results in all areas of human integration in, as materials science, manufacturing technology, information technology, computer technology, Each round has a new technology into products, parts and components of the update cycle is shorter and shorter, faster and faster updating of new equipment, particularly the development of large mining machinery, no mature experience to draw on, but does not allow the design of appear Any mistakes, so have to rely on the integration of multidisciplinary technologies to improve design efficiency and design quality, enhance independent innovation capability and market competitiveness. Mining machinery and computer technology, network technology, based on comprehensive The formation of the digital trend. 2, the need for economic development Along with social progress and national economic development, human resources and increasing demand for energy, while China is a relatively resource-poor countries. As resource development, mining depth increased, from land Extends to the ocean, the deteriorating conditions of the exploitation of resources, deteriorating security situation in mining; coal mining in China has reached the depth of 1000m, metal ore concentration 1380m, deposits increased mining depth, groundwater, tile Sri Lanka, high stress, geological structure greatly increased difficulty of exploitation of resources. Automated unmanned underground or dangerous working face is the development direction of the mining environment, but also protect the safety of mining face an effective way. Comprehensive use of mining science, automation technology, communication technology, computer science and Technology, no one working face to automate basic research and development of new technologies, new equipment, mining machinery will make towards the development of robotics and intelligent direction.