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Small carve of stone of hill of first Chinese and English birthday " Olympic is
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The Shou Shanshi of volume of nine tobacco case apparently, what accommodated gross to amount to more than 40000 character however is Chinese and English contrast edition " Olympic is enunciative " . 27 days afternoon, revealed him to just be created to the reporter in the Xu Tonghai of Great Master of Fujian arts and crafts of Xiamen personally finish, first Chinese and English contrast carve of edition Shoushan Shi Wei " Olympic is enunciative " .

The reporter sees, enunciative engrave on flowing Shou Shanshi tangent plane, draw materials fastidious, design is natural pretty scenery. About on the plane of every fingernail size, small character of quarter more than 300 English or more than 100 traditional Chinese characters. Dimensional interval, row spacing and layout are strewn at random have send, do not provide craftsmanship.

Introduce according to Mr Xu Tonghai, work of stone of this birthday hill is him a month finishs last a period of time, complete by naked eye small quarter growing 24 centimeter, wide 18 centimeter, the rufous Shou Shanshi of 0.5 centimeter makes the same score ply on the face. Amount is small quarter have " Olympic is enunciative " , 5 annulus mark, Olympic meets the Olympic Games song, " sports eulogy " , Olympic is gnomic " faster, taller, stronger " wait for the content related to theme of Olympic Games of 8 years of 00 2 Beijing.

According to introducing, on June 28, the small carve artwork of this painstaking creative work will be sent toward Beijing to enter an exhibition by person specially assigned for a task.

Mr Xu Tonghai is born in the family of a worker of Zhangzhou. He ever went up in 100 Shou Shanshi small carve of 1 million words " Mao Zedong anthology " and selected Jinisi of the world most; When chairman of Chinese Kuomintang honor visits even battle land of Fujian Zhangzhou ancestor house, the artwork that municipal Party committee of Zhangzhou of the Communist Party of China, municipal government make a present of sends Lian Zhanfu Fu " perfect conjugal bliss " also the hand of out Xu Tonghai.