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Shi Caicheng restoring ancient ways furnishs new window for household
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The society nowadays, everybody be particular about each sex is consummate. Decorating is such more, what whose home does not want to get on those blueprint is strange think of clever think ground of a head comes true, but decorate,not be to buy the clothes after all, can say to change change. Accordingly, on the way that seeks individual character, probably soft decorating is those new new mankinds' better choice.

Do not know be current before be being taken a few years that " mad stone " contribution, nowadays decorating tide is, various stone began to become a kind " stone " still, the figure with warmth holds position in furniture indoors.

1. Shi Hua is a kind of high-grade home house act the role ofing is tasted, be refined by pure handiwork and become, picture ability chooses stone of tinsel, natural colour to be raw material, serve as the color of the picture with the colour of natural color stone, enchase the rough sketch that gives pattern with tinsel. Picture level off bears fruit glossily, clarity of bead of colour stone bead is visible. Straightforward stone grain, bright beautiful color, purificatory charge for the making of sth. , whole feeling that draws a person already elegance of of primitive simplicity, high-grade and luxuriant, have bright artistic distinguishing feature.

2. Stone art wall gives a person the sense with a kind of artistic abstraction, stone is OK also before such Jing are colourful. Vintage before white Qi Qiang can let a person feel too too normal tie, but the artistic wall that becomes with stone build by laying bricks or stones is met burned the line of sight of people, no matter vision or touch, this abstract artistic wall can let a person have infinite daydream. As we have learned, stone art wall is multi-purpose at indoor hall or bedroom, can show master artistic grade so.

3. Present stone chair already by outdoor move indoor, can enjoy outdoor amorous feelings euqally in the home, not only the shell is beautiful, and sorching summer sits on stone chair, cool meaning is natural and unripe.

4. Stone mill is the life appliance of rural tradition since ancient times, but since furniture after appearing to sell tasted stone mill as household in the city, stone mill has been a country no longer is indicative. Stand stone mill in the home, give a person a kind of anonymous kind sense. OK still in stone mill mount is sweet lamp aing kind of sweet grass, add contemporary flavor.

"The beautiful words that be like solution is eventful still, stone cannot character most but person " , the chanting Shi Ming of Liu Fang's old man sentence the general character that spoke the appeal that enjoy rock, alleged beauty is in natural, the United States is in breathed, the United States is in lasting. And nowadays stone furnishs window burgeoningly as a kind, appear in the forward position of tide, be loved by more and more youth place, probably they can let household walk into " new Shi Shang " times, let the mankind return to nature.
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