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Building materials industry breach of trade of Cheng Zhongyi classics
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Will come 5 days on December 2 this year, "The 5th China (Jordan) commodity is exhibited - and Iraq, Lebanon rebuilds purchase congress " will hold in Jordanian Amman, large quantities of one China businessmen will be attracted to dig gold when arriving this rebuilds the market. To this, china builds Ding Weidong of chairman of association of wholesome pottery and porcelain to suggest: "Manufacturer of Chinese building materials wants to the agent with international, distributors is contacted and be contacted more, attending a few exhibition and cooperative meeting is a when enter different region market important window. "

Have orgnaization statistic, in rebuild in Iraqi process, will present the new business chance of at least 100 billion dollar. Choose to go up in the right product that enters Iraq, iraq is badly in need of things of all lives, production, construction at present, among them with building materials kind the demand of the product is the biggest, especially furniture, pottery and porcelain, wholesome clean is provided reach cement, stone material product. The product such as brick of copy stone polish, archaize brick, Wei Yu has very big business chance in middle east area.

Jordan, Lebanon is one of countries of main export target that at present Chinese building materials is in middle east area. Lebanon now the building materials with China year trading business volume is 400 million dollar only, market potential is tremendous. Building materials agency of Jordan criterion in waiting, cheap building materials is very interested in brick of copy stone polish.

Although of Iraq, Lebanon rebuild the market is huge, but local situation is unpredicatable, jordan is the exclusive and indifferent country with border on of Iraq, Lebanon, of 70% civil rebuild the product is undertaken carriage to Iraqi freeway by Jordan, be called " onshore lifeline " , the Iraqi trader that has nearly 100 thousand at the same time is in business for a long time in Jordan, because this Jordan is building materials product,enter important and safe passageway of Iraq.