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Building materials " noxiousness " size 5 action but differentiate goes out
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Recently, the reporter pledges from Shijiazhuang city inspect bureau learns, since this month, always the content such as formaldehyde, benzene closes nevertheless " poisonous " housing materials must not be sold, discretion answers when consumer is bought.

As we have learned, total bureau of national qualitative check was promulgated " interior decoration decorates material set limit to of 10 harmful material " , to all and indoor the formaldehyde in decorating material, volatile organic compound (VOC) , benzene, toluene, xylene, toluene ester of 2 different cyanic acid, and the content of the poisonous contaminant such as lead, cadmium, mercuric, arsenic made strict provision.

Shijiazhuang city pledges relevant controller introduces inspect bureau, although already began to ban carry out not to amount to mark to decorate material at present, but do not eliminate a few forget honor at sight of money the likelihood that the businessman continues to sell. Consumer must be bought carefully. In the meantime, this controller also teachs consumer a few identify " poisonous " the small doohickey that decorates material:

Look, see the surface namely. Basically see its manual whether indicate material composition. Should see a product whether mark of environmental protection of the address of brand, production, mark that prevent bogus, green waits at the same time. In addition, examine objective quality even. Resemble stone capable person, the surface the stone material contamination of structure of even, fines is small. Joinery board, the surface looks level off, without warp, core even and orderly, gap is little, it is quality the plank with tall, little pollution.

Hear, smell odour namely stimulating. When furniture of choose and buy, the drawer that can stand by furniture first reachs the place such as almirah, wen Yiwen, if feel intense and pungent flavour, and companion has shed the unwell phenomenon such as guttural and tear, scratchy, cough, that unfavorable choose and buy. Coating of choose and buy, wallpaper, joinery board also be such.

Listen, hear voice namely. When painting like the choice, can mention paint bucket shake, be like inside have rare li of, explain product viscosity is too low, harmful part is large. Normal environmental protection paint shakes not to hear voice almost. When the natural stone material such as marble of choose and buy, granite, if knock sound is ringing euphonic, interior of proof stone material is even and without microscopical cranny, the harmful material such as contains radium is opposite little; Knock voice is husky dumb, existence of interior of demonstrative stone material is microscopical cranny, the harmful material radon of the generation in among them radium disintegration process will be fast and much ground is released, have harm to human body.

Ask, ask its whether the product accuses to measure via concerning authoritative orgnaization namely, safe. Issue to the businessman detect report, consumer also should examine his alertly true bogus. In addition, it is clear that the use method of building materials also should enquire, if use undeserved cause indoor pollution possibly also.
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