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Natural stone material cannot second birth uses energy-saving environmental prot
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Well-known, our country takes energy-saving environmental protection, own innovation seriously with each passing day, relevant code, policy, measure involves each aspects. Constructing a field, natural stone material serves as a kind cannot renewable resources, more require special attention. Companion develops as science and technology, appear of new technology, new technology, new material ceaselessly, the colleague inside hope wide great undertaking can provide good experience, good measure mutual communication, draw lessons from, can carry out extensively inside course of study then, reasonable apply, with benefit state interest civilian.

Reserves of resource of our country metalloid mineral products ranks li of be placed in the middle in the world, that is to say is not very blame is rich. Natural Shicai gives birth to grown Dai Man to grow, belong to cannot renewable resources. But as the country construction and each respect demand increase, the use of natural stone material is general with each passing day however. Decorate a respect in the building especially, consequently efficient, use integratedly reasonably, can save more precious and natural resource for the country and benefit at improving zoology environment.

Current, exploitation of domestic stone material reachs treatment company, often notice the rate that become be out of practice, volume recovery and treatment craft to wait only, and what pay close attention to natural stone material rarely is integrated use. Some are engaged in the personnel of mine of stone material mine, production, treatment, construction, include the project architect inside bldg. even, to leftover pieces of natural stone material use take seriously quite far from, regard as only commonly reject abandons.

According to concerning sectional statistic, go up century 80 - 90 time, former Beijing marble plant regards industry of domestic stone lumber as relatively advanced enterprise delegate, the volume recovery that its Shi Caisheng produces is highest can achieve only 23% . Use new technology ceaselessly in recent years, make natural Shicai has into barren rate, volume recovery very big rise, but all fail to achieve 40% . Accordingly, reduce natural stone material to extracting and machine the loss in the process, except the technical level that uses new technology, new technology, new facility actively to raise handlers and quality, the most important what develop natural stone material further namely is integrated use, become useless to be treasure, change kill for benefit.

Of natural stone material use integratedly, the way is very capacious. The integrated benefit in had been applied at present only and be being developed involves those who produce the life to make many sided with the project.

Mine is not barren stone

The top of facing material ore body, motherboard often has other mineral products, be not barren stone namely. When extracting commonly, also can extract the accrete ore body in country rock together come out. Try to use. Be like marble of hill of Beijing area swallow mine Duan Ding board (layer) mine of Chang Youbai marble, marble of peak of snow of dark green of dot of city of Yunnan province Dali mine Duan Ding board (layer) have steatitic ore deposit. The magma in ledge can abstract industrial chemicals or make metallurgical industry inserts wait, it is the ore body resource that can make full use of and can increase economic benefits.
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