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Department of Commerce predicts later period of price of domestic iron ore will
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Run the business affairs forecast that department issued a few days ago according to market of Chinese Department of Commerce, iron ore supply and demand is at present overall relatively comfortable, because this price rises considerably,motivation is not worth, spot price of iron ore of home of predicting later period will maintain oscillation to adjust prices.

Market of Department of Commerce moves department to express about chief, in iron ore at present exploitation profit rises drive, crop of Chinese iron ore increases apparently. In the meantime, the market is right iron ore demand somewhat abate, the power with the rising price that prop up is insufficient. Because China will implement rigid environmental protection policy during later period Olympic Games, steelworks of part of China north area faces reduction of output, crop of countrywide crude steel will still manage the current situation, produce a large number of very can difficult releasing.

According to data of national statistic bureau, crop of raw ore of iron ore of China of before this year 5 month 3. 100 million tons, grow 25 compared to the same period. 7 % . In the meantime, because anticipate iron ore rises in price, early days iron ore imports a quantity to increase continuously. According to custom statistic, 1 - home will import iron ore 1 May. 9.2 billion tons, relatively go up growth of year of the corresponding period 19. 6 % .

This chief says, at present price of domestic iron ore is in perch dish entire level, short-term inside the possibility that does not eliminate to small oscillation goes tall.

According to monitoring, last week (will come 29 days on June 23) market of Chinese rolled steel is average the price and before a week keeps balance, partial breed goes up drop differ.