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The 10th China (Guangzhou) exposition of international building adornment is abo
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The 10th " Guangzhou builds rich to meet " will in July 2008 6-9 day is held. Those who exhibit meeting general to enable Pa continent to exhibit house first phase to reach new completion entirely 2 period partial exhibition hall, showpiece gross area achieves 180 thousand square metre, set in all exhibit about 10000, predicting ginseng exhibits an enterprise to will exceed 2300.

greet the 10th China absurd during, "Guangzhou builds rich to meet " will lead an Asia to build outfit new trend further: Continue to carry out " purchase platform thoroughly to buy the home to offer, sell market opportunity to join more of the creation that postpone business to enter international and domestic cent " do extend a concept, rise ceaselessly exhibit meeting quality, ceaseless to " the building that the whole world has force most decorates industry distinguished gathering " target and stride.

Exhibit date: 6-9 day showed a location in July 2008: Pa continent exhibits Fair of Chinese import and export merchandise house (Guangzhou reads Jiang Zhonglu 380)

Open time: In July 2008 6-8 day 9:30-17:00 2008 year on July 9 9:30-16:00

Show an area: Target of 180 thousand square metre

Extend a number: 10, 000

Limits of item on display: The kitchen exhibits the area ambry, chamfer that wash content, bibcock, kitchen to hang, kitchen stove is provided, kitchen electric equipment and equipment

The building decorates hardware to exhibit an area: Adornment hardware (lock, shake handshandle) , mould of tool of goods of fittings of building hardware, hardware, Tie Yi, hardware, hardware, hardware is cast etc

Automatic door and door accuse hardware to exhibit an area: Of all kinds and automatic door, door accuses system of electron of hardware system and fittings, entrance guard to wait

The door / the window exhibits an area: Steel of wooden door, model / aluminium alloy / steel door, window

Glass exhibits an area: Artistic glass, building / adornment glass, glasswork

Smallpox / act wall / wall paper and interior decoration exhibit an area: Top of smallpox, condole, wall paper, aluminium board / leading / drop pattern / unit / goods of fittings of metallic screen wall, act wall and treatment facilities, sunshine board, gesso, steel structure

Coating / chemical building materials exhibits an area: Metope / waterproof / rubber of mortar of the auxiliary of coating of ground level ground, coating, coating material that pack, powder, adhesive, additive, auxiliary, construction, adhesive plaster, fill seam agent, antirust material, building waterproof, waterproof additive, prevent leakage material, waterproof technology and relevant equipment, besmear

Stone material / horticultural exhibit an area: Material of stone of stone carving and rock products, horticultural culture, different stone, stone, Shi Caisheng produces equipment to wait

Stair exhibits an area: Wooden stair, other stair reachs relevant fittings
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