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Artwork of contemporary seal cutting appreciates potential is greater
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Seal cutting is collected more and more get investor chase after hold in both hands. In last few years, seal cutting high-quality goods is in the auction also innovates repeatedly on the meeting tall, and welcome, rare stream pat. The profit pattern that the appreciation of seal cutting artwork comes from appreciation of Yu Zhang makings and seal cutting home (every word price) rise two respects, use as in recent years the stone material appreciation that the chapter expects is very sharp, the profit pattern of seal cutting home also has bigger go up.

Seal cutting yield is considerable

Mr Wang likes Chinese painting and calligraphy to collect, also love very to seal cutting artwork at the same time. Introduce according to him, the appreciation of seal cutting artwork must divide a part to say, be material qualitative itself partly appreciate, the quarter project that is seal cutting home partly appreciates.

It is seal cutting tastes Mr Huang that collects lover to also express together: "Contemporary seal cutting is to be engraved on stone material commonly, commonly used stone material includes Shou Shan, Qing Tian, prosperous to change, Bahrain, the rock that Qing Tian and prosperous spend is good already not much. The rock that Qing Tian and prosperous spend is good already not much..

The sea imprints Mr Zhang Kezhen of the company also expresses, shou Shanshi and Bahrain stone are most common now, stone appreciation is very sharp, the price of stone of Shou Shanshi, Bahrain is average about with 1.5 times annualer speed increases by degrees. 2006 200 yuan of stone, sell 1600 yuan the left and right sides this year. Tian Huangshi tastes the high-quality goods in Shou Shanshi really more expensive, little material about 2000 yuan of 0 grams, the word of aniseed wants 20 thousand yuan of 0 grams, stone is relatively rare already.

Engraving labour to appreciate basically is the price decision according to seal cutting adjust at the profit pattern of seal cutting home fluctuant, the seal cutting home that has name commonly does not calculate stone to want every word hundreds of yuan and even thousands of yuan, most the profit pattern of the seal cutting home of little famous energy of life also increases by degrees with raising the rate of 100 yuan of 0 words every year.

Investment value emphasizes particularly on artistic quality

About the investment of seal cutting artwork value still basically depends on artistic value, the sea imprints home of famous seal cutting Mr. Li Zecheng of the company expresses, "The artistic value of seal cutting artwork includes 3 fields, it is qualitative, carver mixes material respectively quarter labour. Material is finger mark chapter character with makings, material is more lukewarm embellish, exquisite, condense, had jumped over fully, artistic value is higher; Carver is to point to with the adornment of makings, it is the vulture button of seal, general Fujian there be good at carver; The share of carve characters on a seal that carves labour to point to seal cutting home namely " . In addition, risk of investment seal cutting is less than investing strategic place of wind of painting and calligraphy. Mr Zhang Kezhen says, yin Shi is cannot renewable resources, and seal cutting demand is bigger and bigger, good stone wants sooner or later dried up. Because the profit pattern of seal cutting home is not informal,decide next, home of most painting and calligraphy has an eye for seal cutting, the market can do out to choose like that. Seal cutting difficulty should be more than calligraphy, and also be hard to traditional Chinese painting. According to above two respects reason, discriminating stone material and the stand or fall of quarter article is outbalance, and discriminate quarter article to still need to see calligraphy of a collection of impressions of seals by famous seal-engravers, study more, raise oneself to enjoy a level. In investing seal cutting artwork, actually more it is to pursue a kind of culture and artistic value.
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