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Optimize a structure energy-saving decrease an industry of stimulative stone lum
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The middle finger of seventeen big report of the party goes out: Accelerate change economy to develop way, drive industrial structure to optimize upgrade, should hold to Chinese characteristic new-style industrialized road, insist to enlarge domestic demand to consume the guiding principle of demand especially, stimulative economy growth pulls tendercy to rely on consumption, investment, exit to coordinate by main support investment, exit pull use change, by main support augmentation is pledged resource rises to quality of progress of main support science and technology, laborer, administrative innovation change.

The report includes 4 implications: It is development manner change; 2 it is the structure is optimized upgrade; 3 it is market change and fixed position; The 4 change that are growth pattern. Stone lumber industry is collect traditional, resource kind spend more expensive estate with extroversion, reforming and opening of 30 years, promoted industry of lumber of our country stone swift and violent development. Face new condition to also offer stone lumber industry new the good luck of round of development, stone lumber industry should build resource managing model, the environment is friendly model industry, must take the approach of new-style industrialized development.

One, good expand stone lumber line of business quickly again must base oneself upon at industrial structural adjustment

It is stone lumber industry 30 years of reforming and opening 30 years when develop flourishingly, also be to bring up stone lumber industry to take a person quickly 30 years of the international market, participating in the be the champion in international industry division of labor and market competition. But because stone lumber industry is resource sex, labor concentrated model, extensive industry, content of science and technology is low, be faced with energy-saving decrease an onerous mission, sex of structure of existence of oneself of stone lumber industry is contradictory and outstanding, market system growth is slow, service platform builds lag. Business management instability, resource bottleneck is restricted wait for a problem. As stone lumber industry a man of insight should have hardship consciousness, increase sense of responsibility, heighten sense of urgency, should change with science and technology, informatization undertakes to industry of traditional stone lumber transition upgrades, optimize a structure.

(One) implement industrial policy strictly. Basis seventeen put forward greatly " construction zoology is civilized, form pattern of pattern of managing the sources of energy and the industrial structure that protect zoology environment, growth, spending basically. " industry of change stone lumber develops pattern. It is to raise threshold of admittance of stone lumber industry, publish relevant policy, help actor up strong, drive an industry to do do greatly strong; 2 it is to going up newly the project is mixed product, implement industrial policy strictly, in principle does not approve new project, avoid low-level repeat construction; 3 it is to going up newly the project asks treatment, environmental protection, benefit is abandoned execute " 3 at the same time " system, accomplish design, construction is devoted at the same time use; 4 it is the cooperative agreement that the enterprise should make benefit abandon a project or flotsam uses; 5 it is progressively undertake annex to producing per year the stone material under 100 thousand M2 to process a business, recombine, the form such as the auction optimizes resource to match an amount.
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