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Cloud floatstone material develops a house to open to the outside world formally
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Aim to let common people understand Yun Fucheng to be better " center of Chinese Shi Caiji ground " the cloud floatstone material of course of special honour development develops a house to had been in at the beginning of city inside market of major of material of stone of Dong Jun of city industrial district build open to the outside world formally already.
As we have learned, house of progress of cloud floatstone material collected industry of cloud floatstone lumber to originate, start, the development, a few in kind that promote 4 development period and objective photograph, and in the center of, leadership of province, city is arrived at inspect, the photograph that industry of directive stone lumber grows, recorded Yun Fu to be opposite in each period the main policy policy that develops stone lumber industry, the part that told about industry of cloud floatstone lumber to develop course is important important matter, induced at present cloud floatstone material has 13 old series the evolution of breed of 1000 many design and color shows 23 big kind shape, the knowledge that introduced talent of a few concerned stone and its utility. See this house, can let a person understand rock more, understand Yun Fu more, know the development course of industry of cloud floatstone lumber more.
The progress that the one content inside the house reflects industry of cloud floatstone lumber according to all without exception is of long standing and well established, account cloud float person from 1607 (namely Ming Dynasty 10 thousand all previous 35 years) the reason that had to fall to indissoluble with stone knot, experienced seminary, start, development, promotion 4 period, witnessed industry of cloud floatstone lumber from the history with primitive brilliant trend, become " center of base of Chinese stone material " and " Chinese stone ability is current demonstrative base " , enjoy " Shi Xiang " , " stone " , " stone material is regnal " beautiful praise.
Historical house is special can have from industry of lumber of floatstone of cloud of report of policy measure respect today's brilliant, want to rely on the achievements of the person's wisdom and environment already, party committee of place of the profit from on older rate, government publishs each policy policy to give in each period give aid to energetically, encourage and guide correctly. Like 20 centuries the policy of 80 time is: Cancel is original " protect state-operated, be restricted individual of collective, card " exploitation " marble " decision; Roll out " 3 unlock " : Unlock resource, unlock manage, unlock current channel; Execute " big, medium, small go up simultaneously, county, town, village, couplet door, individual 5 wheel turn simultaneously " development policy. The development of stone lumber industry, make cloud float county becomes a mountainous area county with complete relatively rich province very quickly from poor a mountainous area county, came true " day of one stone Jing " . The policy of 90 time is: A surname enmity ひ gathers up  of Dan of   dimple  of party of large bamboo hat of ⑵ of ā of   scythe punishs Yun of raw meat or fish of  of prison of appraise of angry of  of  Mou enthalpy to be contrary to  slaughters  of Qiang of Lie Jin  people  by flag  of  of  of cherry of ⒄ Gu confused ans enclosure for storing grain persimmon of excrement hare Da: Implement spirit of 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China, insist to stress development single-handed, catch single-handed raise guiding principle, through with fair justice, let go unlock, the development that supports actor to help strong principle up to promote stone lumber industry; Purify in order to optimize, depend on lawfully compasses, do do strong fundamental greatly, of industry of stimulative stone lumber rise, found " center of base of Chinese stone material " and " Chinese stone ability is current demonstrative base " , drive 100 line of business with industry of stone material pillar flourishing, raise Yun Fu famous degree, advance comprehensive and comparatively well-off construction, came true " dot stone becomes famous " .
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